The Incredible Story of the Firewood Desk Leg

So this lady came to our shop needing a piece of furniture repaired and painted.  Though I may not get all of the details exactly right, here's the gist of how it came to be in our shop.  While she was away on a girls' trip, her husband grew tired of looking at her drop front desk stuffed full of household stuff and threw it away.  All of it.  Including everything that was in the desk.  When our customer returned from her trip, she inquired as to the location of her desk.  Well, it's needless to say that the desk was retrieved from the trash and found its way to our veritable hospital of furniture rehabilitation.  It's feeling just dandy now.

We didn't happen to have a chunk of wood on hand thick enough to make another leg, well not in the lumber pile at least.  But the woodpile! Now there's an idea!

Michael LockeComment