Making Mistakes

 We need a glue gun, stat!

We need a glue gun, stat!

We don't deliver a lot of furniture to our clients, but occasionally we do.  Yesterday we had some errands to run in Memphis and we brought along a chair that we'd reupholstered and dropped it off.  We had a nice visit with our customer and left the chair thinking all was well; however, we hadn't gotten but about 15 minutes away when we received a call that there were a couple of minor issues with the work that we'd done.  Our collective TLC heart sank with the words.  

When you do creative work for other people you put a lot of yourself into the work and it hurts when people aren't pleased with something.  As it turns out, the repairs were simple enough (a 40% off glue gun from Hobby Lobby and a needle and thread will stay in our travel kit!) and the customer was super about the whole thing, but it's still leaves you feeling a little hollow inside.  One of the key reasons why we do what we do is because it makes people smile.  Sure we have to pay the light bill and put food in the refrigerator, but making people happy is what keeps us going.

So, we're not perfect.  We try hard, but we make mistakes and we try to learn from them. Hopefully the lessons are soaking in.  This chair had been sitting in our shop for about a week in its completed state.  We'd looked it over, sat in it ourselves and never seen the tiny little hole in the cushion, or that we'd forgotten to glue the piping around the back legs.  The chair looked great.  If we'd have thought to give it a good looking over before loading it in the truck, we could have saved ourselves a lot of grief.  Maybe the real lesson here is that the embarrassment created an experience that will be more valuable for us in the long run.  We won't soon forget it.

I'll leave you with this last thought: do your best, humbly learn from your mistakes, and make things right when you can.  Love you guys!  Give us a shout on the socials if you have stories that you'd like to get off your chest.